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  Sheffield Christmas Featured Charities      

HARC (Homeless and Rootless at Christmas)

HARC is a charity that has been helping vulnerable Homeless and Rootless people in Sheffield since 1989.  They offer warmth, shelter, good company and three hot meals a day over the Christmas holiday period when other services may be closed.

You can help in several ways such as volunteering at the centre, donating toiletries, warm or waterproof clothing and footwear or providing entertainment.  You can also help by fundraising as HARC rely entirely on donations. They do not receive any government or council funding.

For more details, visit the website


World famous athletes team up with local Sheffield charity
Helen’s Trust for their culinary calendar.

Lord Sebastian Coe, Jessica Ennis and Sir Steve Redgrave are just a few of the athletes, who have agreed to support local charity Helen’s Trust with their charity calendar for 2012.  The calendar is packed with wonderful photos of the athletes alongside recipes for their favourite foods .

The calendar sales aim to raise a minimum of £5,000, this money will go directly to supporting our beneficiaries across the whole of Sheffield and North Derbyshire.  The Calendars retail at just £8:99 and can be purchased by visiting our website at  or calling 01629 812759. 


Helen's Trust supports people of all ages with incurable illnesses to be able to stay at home at the end of their lives.  To keep up to date with what is happening at Helen's Trust, you can become a fan on Facebook or follow Helen’s Trust on Twitter.


Seb Coe Sheffield Christmas



Hail the Homeless:  A Christmas Song in Support of Shelter, by Richard Lawrence-Day


We recently came across a heartfelt appeal by local songwriter and producer, Richard Lawrence-Day, for this very worthy cause.   On listening to the track, we immediately felt it had a great sound, and  we are very pleased to feature Richard’s appeal here:

“My name is Richard Lawrence-Day - I am a local songwriter and producer who plays guitar and sings for local band The Jacks AKA The Wildcats.

I support the work of the UK homelessness charity Shelter.

A couple of weeks ago I was playing around on guitar and randomly hit some open harmonics that sounded quite 'Christmassy' and bell like.

The melancholy overtones made me think of a bleak landscape with none of the warmth, cheer and celebration normally associated with Christmas. I imagined what it must feel like be like to be homeless at this time of year and wrote words that invoked the feelings of sadness and loneliness a homeless individual or family may feel.

I quickly recorded the song and got in touch with Shelter who responded very quickly, giving me their full support.

I am keen to make people pause from their busy lives and spare a thought for the people of all ages that are without shelter, one of the basic human needs along with food, water and clothing. The large majority of the time homelessness is not a choice and can happen for many reasons.

The local media have taken an interest - many thanks to Nick Ward from The Star for the story and Micklemas for donating the pic – read it at:

Please help me raise my target of £1000 for Shelter by buying the song.

The £1 you pay for the download goes directly to Shelter. To ensure 100% of this reaches the charity I am covering the Paypal fees up to a value of £100. If you can't afford the pound then please tell your friends and family and help me spread the word! You can also download the song at

Many thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!

Love Rich x

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