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  Making a Difference in Sheffield at Christmas time  
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Sheffielders are a welcoming, generous, but most of all, very compassionate people.  The city has seen some dark days (like the recent floods, for instance) in both its recent and earlier history but what has always emerged is that people look out for each other, and will go to great lengths to lessen the suffering of others.

It is hoped that these pages will serve to connect those that wish to give their time, talents, or resources with those that are in need of assistance during the Christmas period.

Our featured charity is currently HARC but there are many other Sheffield Charities that rely on the goodwill of others.

If you are a Sheffield Charity and would like to feature in this section (free of charge, of course), please contact us.

Humble Swain:  The Mistletoe Bow
A new local carol CD is being released this Christmas by “Humble Swain”, a great local singing/instrumental group steeped and brought up in the local tradition that is now attracting both national and international interest.  The CD is entitled, “The Mistletoe Bow” and is priced at £8.00 with donations going to local charities, St Lukes, The Children’s Hospital, and The MS Society.
Further information is available by phoning 0776 607 9520

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